Above, Dave flakes the mainsail while a
passenger steers. Above left, two couples
complete a combined ASA 101 and 103 course.
Priority Sailing
We help make your sailing dreams come true.

Whether you are a complete novice to sailing or an experienced sailor wanting to achieve certification of your sailing
abilities, we have courses to meet your needs.  We organize classes for singles, couples, families, friends,
women-only, and youth groups. We design custom classes when we get a request, fit individuals into scheduled
classes that suit them, or provide private lessons for them.  
The Carolina Breeze is an outstanding boat for classes.
This boat helps one learn quickly most things one needs
to know to sail a larger boat.

We also can provide private lessons on  an owner's
boat. The cost for private lessons on another person's
sailboat is
$40 per hour, for one instructor, and $70 for
two instructors,  plus travel costs
if not in Southport.
INTRODUCTION TO SAILING, 1/2 day, $90. Help us get the boat ready for a cruise, play an active role while we
sail, learn about sailboat types, how sailboats move, sailing terms, aids to navigation, and basic knots. Help put
the boat away.

BASIC KEELBOAT (ASA 101). 2 days or 4 half-days, $420.(includes ASA one-year membership and logbook).
Sailors learn to sail a keelboat in light to moderate conditions, in local inland waters, without supervision. (Must
take Introduction to Sailing first or have comparable experience and knowledge.)

BASIC COASTAL CRUISING (ASA 103): 2 days; $470. Learn to operate a sailboat under auxiliary power, cruise in
areas with tides and currents, read charts, plot your course, anchor out and secure your boat to a dock for the night.

ADVANCED COASTAL CRUISING (ASA 106): We will provide instruction on  your boat. Cost, $50 per hour for one
instructor; $75 per hour for two instructors.

PERFORMANCE SAILING: 3 hours, on our Colgate 26; $55 to $80, depending on number of passengers. Practice
and learn skills to help you sail more efficiently and respond quickly to changing conditions.  Lessons may include
round-the-bouys racing and spinnaker handling.

COASTAL NAVIGATION (ASA 105); self or group study, + examination. Consultation/instruction as needed for $40
per hour, + $100 examination fee.

We offer special rates for groups.                                                  All-women's classes are available upon request.
Here are the classes we offer:

Visit the ASA website to view their standards for the certification levels we offer, and
order course books:   
American Sailing Association.

Here are some websites you can use to learn about sailing before your class:
NauticEd offers free online classes in Sail Trim and
Nautical Rules of the Road, and a free sailing instruction

animated sailing knots
Learn how to sail in a beautiful
locale, just a 45 minute drive from
Wilmington, NC.

Pictured here is the
flying the spinnaker in a
Cape Fear Yacht Club race.
Students can come along for a
trilling Introduction to  Sailing class
or a Performance Sailing class.